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Mandy Aftel is an award-winning author and perfumer, creating fragrances based in the quality and integrity of the ingredients, seeking out exotic, unusual essences from hidden corners of the world, collecting a comprehensive and strikingly beautiful all-natural palette to work from.  As the founder of Aftelier Perfumes, she was listed as one of the top seven bespoke perfumers in the world by Forbes, and dubbed the “angel of alchemy” by Vanity Fair. Her artisanal line of all-natural perfumes includes 3 FiFi Finalists (the “Oscar” of the perfume world), and her line of Chef’s Essences is carried at Williams-Sonoma stores nationwide. Her work has been featured on CNN and in VogueIn StyleTimeGourmetBon AppetiteFood and WineW MagazineSelfO (Oprah) MagazineNationa GeographicAllureElleBloomberg Business Week, and The Financial Times.


Mandy’s groundbreaking book Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume was translated into seven languages, won the Sense of Smell Institute's Richard B. Solomon Award, and helped pioneer the trend toward using natural perfume ingredients. The cookbook Aroma: The Magic of Essential Oils in Food  (co-authored with Michelin-starred chef Daniel Patterson) focuses on the essential link between food and fragrance. She has taught about perfume and aromatics at USC, UC Berkeley, Apple Inc. Design Team, New York University, Women in Flavors and Fragrance in Commerce, Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, James Beard Foundation, and the French Culinary Institute.


Today, almost every perfume is created from synthetic essences. Although synthetics approximate the odors of natural ingredients, they have none of the complexity, mystery or emotional depth. There is an inexplicable emotional intensity to the experience of an authentic smell and the memories it sparks and creates. 

Mandy's approach to creating artisan natural perfumes is based in the quality and integrity of the ingredients. She hand blends each perfume from her collection of extraordinary essences, which she has gathered with uncompromising standards for only the finest quality 100% pure and natural materials. She seeks out exotic, unusual essences from hidden corners of the world, often smelling a dozen versions of the same oil, searching for the one that surpasses the rest. Finding the essences is like a quest, and she enjoys it as much as the act of creation. Through years of searching Mandy Aftel has amassed a comprehensive and strikingly beautiful palette from which to work. In each perfume, she tries to capture a feeling and aesthetic experience. Mandy starts with a concept for the perfume, and work to create something modern and luxurious. With some perfumes, the first iteration is almost perfect. Others take endless revisions and weeks of blending until everything comes together in the ideal balance.

Once the formulas are developed, She hand blends small batches of perfume, and bottles them in the same studio it was created. She is connected to the whole process, and it makes her very happy when people incorporate perfumes in their lives. It is her hope that people have a feeling of luxury, well-being, beauty and excitement when they wear Aftelier Perfumes. 

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