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The all natural, Eastern remedies of Pañpuri, help to restore health and improve well-being. Pañpuri signature scents include: jasmine, ylang ylang, lemongrass, sandalwood, aloe, basil, clove, coconut, coffee, cucumber, galangal, ginger, honey, mint, papaya, rice bran, tamarind, turmeric, etc. There are no added perfumes or fragrances; only 100% pure essential oils are used to create Pañpuri’s original scents.

Pañpuri products use the finest natural ingredients. The product line contains ingredients with proven benefits so that Pañpuri products are gentle for even the most sensitive skin. Pañpuri products contain only hypo-allergenic, natural plant-based ingredients and are paraben-free & SLS-free. Pañpuri products are formulated without animal testing, and the only animal based ingredients used in the line are beeswax and honey.

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