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From the cobblestone streets of SoHo to the hip lifestyle concepts of the Lower East Side,a revolution is inspired by the pulsating rhythm of Manhattan’s fierce ever-changing spirit. Leading this evolution, MiN New York set out with a simple, yet demanding philosophy: The world doesn't need more products. It needs BETTER products.

For almost two decades, we have forged exceptional relationships with individuals and beauty industry professionals who share our philosophy and commitment to quality, style, and exclusivity. MiN New York is committed to crafting premium products fusing breakthrough ingredient technology with research, precise formulation, and intuitive package design. At MiN New York, we are passionate about providing simple, effective solutions to help customers make the most of their every MiNute.

Re-inventing the world of beauty. A destination built to foster creativity and professional development, our driving objective is to explore and grow on our shared purpose of delivering products that help people look and feel their best.

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- Get 100% gray coverage or color blending with ProColor
- Takes only 5 MiNutes to process
- 12 intermixable shades
- Lasts 4-6 weeks or until your clients’ next hair cut
- Fades true to tone.

- Customize your look for natural coverage that lasts
- Strengthen hair with built in ingredients
- ProColor shades can be used individually or can be intermixed for a customized shade
- Built with a special conditioning agent that leaves hair feeling thicker and stronger
- ProColor is AMMONIA FREE
- Not a metallic dye and will not fade warm
- Excellent for root touch-ups on both men & women
- Use ProColor to add quick low lights for a dynamic look
- PEPPER (featured in the THE NEW YORK TIMES & LA TIMES) is a unique blue based shade that delivers a cool smokey tone and adds “pepper” to “salt n’ pepper” hair. This shade can also be used as a drabber
- CLEAR is the natural base of ProColor that acts as a dilutant to help you leverage better control of the color pigments


Step 1: Select & Mix Select shade. In a bowl, mix equal parts of ProColor with iMiX. For example, 1/2oz ProColor + 1/2oz iMiX = 1 application.

Step 2: Apply to client's hair using bowl and brush or bottle. Conduct a neat application. Start from back to front.
Perform patch test before applying ProColor.

Step 3: Leave on client's hair for 3-5 MiNutes depending on amount of deposit and desired coverage. ProColor processes fast!

Step 4: Shampoo and condition to complete the service.

Number = Level / W = Warm / C= Cool / GB = Golden Beige

Offer a double service without double booking with ProColor. Contact us to set up your PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT today.

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