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Join MiN New York at our Crosby Street Atelier for RITUALS, a series of events designed to explore and celebrate timeless RITUALS for your senses.  



"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." ~ Albert Einstein

Slow down the New York minute. Series I of RITUALS will focus on aromatherapy and relaxation. 


Aromatherapy is the practice of using naturally distilled essences of plants to promote the health and well being of your body, mind, and emotion spirit. These essences, called essential oils, can restore balance and harmony to your body and to your life.


Aromatherapy unlocks the essences from nature to promote healing, relaxation or stimulate biological, spiritual and emotional processes. In the western world, the most popular or common way that the oils are administered is through an Aromatherapy Massage. For this first event series, we will guide you through the selection of aromatherapy blends tailored to your needs and teach you how to incorporate aromatherapy, meditation, and relaxation into your daily life, while bringing the spa experience to you home.


• Immunity boost
• Detoxify & stimulate weight loss
• Facilitates physical & mental relaxation
• Anti-Aging, cell regeneration
• Fights Insomnia / Promotes Sleep
• Reduces muscle tension
• Centering/grounding
• Natural aphrodisiac
• Energizing


Indulge on healthy drinks and light bites as you discover new ways to create the spa experience in your home during a relaxing and informative 3-hour session of practical well-being:


• Experience a mini aromatherapy & meditation session with wellness consultation.
• Healthy light bites will be served.
• Expert's tips on relaxation & nutrition for your work and home.
• Drinks by
PROMETHEUS SPRINGS, the world’s first capsaicin spiced elixir. Capsaicin boosts your metabolism and elevates your mood by releasing endorphins for a happy healthy high.
• Each person will receive a gift bag that includes a set of Essentials to Relax aromatherapy oils from


Select one from for $80 per person.


05.11 Tuesday 6 - 9 PM
05.24 Tuesday 6 - 9 PM
06.06 Sunday  1 - 3 PM
06.08 Tuesday 6 - 9 PM
06.27 Sunday  1 - 3  PM

Space is VERY limited. Please call to reserve your session ASAP upon purchase.


* Special Guest, Liz Verbruggen, President of US Operations of AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES.


Details to follow.

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