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Olfactory Branding & Bespoke Scent Design by MiN New York

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 As Sensory Experts in the world of bespoke luxury,
 MiN New York works with individuals and brands
 to create unforgettable olfactory signatures.
 Once a brand blueprint is developed, we help clients 
 synchronize the experience across touch points as required.

 MiN New York develops and implements multi-sensory branding
 strategies for a discerning clientele. We provide a wide variety of
 turn-key fragrance media solutions for applications such as:

 • Private Clubs, Exclusive Spaces, Realtors
 • Olfactory Design for Consumer Brands
 • Retail Environments
 • Hospitality - Hotels, Resorts, Spas, & Recreational Facilities
 • Entertainment – Concerts, Theatrical Performances
 • Nightclubs, Bars and Casinos
 • Healthcare Facilities
 • Vending Machines
 • Special Events
 • Food Packaging
 • Art Installations
 • Academia & Educational Institutions
 • Restaurants and Gourmet Stores

 Regularly, Chad and Mindy work with private clients
 on personal and highly confidential projects.
 As an Agency and a seasoned manufacturer,
 MiN New York has direct access to every fragrance house,
 sensory scientists, and the best production facilities in the world.
 We specialize in projects that are fueled by passion
 with very specific requirements and point of view.

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 MiN New York Olfactory Branding