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SOLUTION2 is an innovative post-shaving and waxing treatment for both men and women, containing an advanced blend of liquid aspirin and organic spearmint to tighten pores and prevent redness, alleviating razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and general skin irritation.

A simple, smart, multipurpose solution to this daily grooming challenge, SOLUTION2 also moisturizes as it cleans and protects against bacteria that can easily invade minor shaving abrasions. Features German-engineered rollerball applicator. Check out MiN New York's eco-friendly refill option too.
SIZE: 1.7oz / 50ml
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Solution2 helps to prevent and/or inhibit PFB from occurring in the first place by focusing on preventing the initial re-entrant penetration of newly shaved hairs. Skin will tighten which assists in keeping the hair from pointing back into the skin. Topical astringents kill bacteria that can easily be introduced into the skin. Applying Solution2 prior to shaving will provide a closer shave because the skin is tightened which enables a smoother shave. Applying Solution2 prior to shaving causes the hair follicles to lie more upright, which causes the shaved hairs to have blunt rather than sharp ends. Solution2 functions as an antiseptic and a topical analgesic blended with a therapeutic amount of organic spearmint. Propylene glycol is a key solvent carrier for acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and acts as a moisturizer. Propylene glycol also acts as a mild germicide, which helps reduce the chance of infection.

Hairs, which lie nearly parallel to the skin, have a tendency of being cut at an acute angle, producing sharp points that can penetrate into the skin. Those individuals whose hair follicles have a strong natural curl are even more susceptible to this type of skin condition. The re-entrant hair induces an antigenic, foreign body reaction, leading to the formation of papules or cysts that appear as raised bumps on the skin's surface. These raised bumps are further irritated by subsequent acts of shaving. The local irritation may be further worsened by bacterial infection.

Apply on skin to prevent or treat irritation, ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Do not use if allergic to aspirin. Do not ingest. Do not use Solution2 on skin within 48 hours of treatment with exfoliants, or scrubbing with Loofah pads or Buff Puffs. Using all of these together may cause chemical burning of the skin. Do not use Solution2 for at least a week after waxing or electrology unless ingrown hairs remains, as it takes time for hair to grow enough to form an "ingrown hair." After 1 week, apply Solution2 2-3 times weekly to maintain ingrown hair free skin. Weekly application of the product may have to be adjusted for the individual depending on the skin and hair types involved.Do not use Solution2 on skin within 48 hours of treatment with exfoliants, or scrubbing with Loofah pads or Buff Puffs. Using all of these together may cause chemical burning of the skin.

Solution2 may be used on all areas of the body, preferably the face, neck and pubic areas. Immediately following shaving, waxing or laser treatment, skin usually is in its most sensitive state. Additional discomfort can be avoided by waiting up to one day after treatment to allow skin to begin the healing process prior to Solution2 application. Also, applying cold water to the target area before application further calms the skin prior to application. Solution2 may be applied to the skin area to be shaved immediately before shaving, as well as during, after and/or in between shaves. Application before shaving, waxing or laser treatment will help prevent razor bumps Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) as well as help alleviate topical discomfort normally experienced with hair removal treatment. Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) is the clinical name given to the condition commonly known as “razor bumps.” Generally, this condition is described as the ingrowth of emerged hairs back into the skin at a location adjacent to the follicle from which the hair has emerged. This penetration back into the skin causes an antigenic foreign body reaction. FACIAL APPLICATION : Solution2 can be applied over the entire face. Avoid the area near your eyes.

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Solution2 Rollerball

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