Six-Point Checklist: Ways to Proactively Prepare for Your Relocation

Relocation is never easy, more so when moving out of town or to a far away, distant location. For everything to go as planned in your relocation process, it is important to plan well in advance. Moving is widely considered as a high-stress activity, and without adequate preparation, it is almost impossible to have a successful relocation. To help ease the demands of relocation, below are six proven ways you can prepare for your move out of town.

1. Set up a relocation calendar

As mentioned above, preparation is crucial for a successful relocation. Therefore, take time to plan for all your days until the moving day. Setting up a relocation calendar helps you set time aside for important activities that you would otherwise rush to complete as the deadline nears. To create an effective calendar, be sure to start with important and potentially time-consuming activities.

2. Calculate the moving costs

Unfortunately, most of us fail to create a relocation budget. To avoid unnecessary expenses related to stress, it is critical that you plan for your moving costs. It is at this stage that you compare different prices from moving companies. Remember, creating a moving budget in advance enables you to negotiate prices with relevant stakeholders.

3. Inventory your household

It is important to conduct a thorough check on your valuables. Due to the costly nature of relocation, it is crucial to separate the important stuff from the unused items. You can either donate or sell items that you no longer use. Not only will selling unused items free up the space when moving, it provides you with additional revenue to boost the relocation budget.

4. Start packing in advance

On top of being a demanding physical activity, packing can take up a lot of your time. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary last-minute rushes, be sure to start packing immediately you are aware of the moving date. Early packing ensures you move with every item you need. Also, it is through packing in advance that you can separate junk from important items. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to pack items you use daily. Instead, start packing important items that you rarely use. Ask around for boxes and additional items you might need to prepare for your move.

5. Cancel subscriptions and change your address

One disadvantage of last minute planning is the failure to terminate important subscriptions. If changing your address online proves to be a challenge, then a trip to the post office will be necessary. Once you are aware of the exact relocation date, you should communicate with your respective service providers to inquire on the way forward.

6. Say your byes

A last minute rush will, without doubt, deny you the privilege of a peaceful, fulfilling departure. Relocating is a big deal. To move out successfully, you will need to notify your close neighbors, friends, business partners, and family. Also, saying your byes in advance will help provide additional assistance as some friends might volunteer to help you out.

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